Internationaal wetenschappelijk congres

Religious Revivals and their Effects: Perceptions, Media and Networks in the Modern World


31 May – 2 June 2018

Amsterdam Centre for Religious History

Vrije Universiteit (main building), De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam


 Programme  31 May



9.15Opening, welcome, introduction 
Moderator: Fred van Lieburg
9.30Keynote I: Klaus Koschorke: Pietism of 18th century, Revival movements of 19th century and the program of a polycentric history of World Christianity
10.15Wolfgang Breul: The Moravian Diaspora network in the southwest of Germany in the early 19th century
10.45Benjamin Pietrenka: Providing for Pietist Awakenings: Johann Jänicke and Moravian Networks in the Early Nineteenth Century
Moderator: Wolfgang Breul
11.45Keynote II: Joachim Schiedermair: Rezeption historischer Stoffe in der Literatur im Allgemeinen und in der Skandinavischen Literatur am Beispiel der Erweckung
12.30Sabine Wolsink: A novel or an ideological statement? The historical and autobiographical context of Adriaan de Mérival (1866) by Allard Pierson (1831-1896)
Moderator: Stefan Gelfgren
14.00Daniel Lindmark: Religious Tract Societies, Transnational Networks and Reading Experience, 1800-1850
14.30Svein Ivar Langhelle: Religion between tradition and modernity in South-western Norway in the early 19th century
15.00Therese Tamm Selander: Bringing the World to Swedish Girls in the 1850s

Moderator: Jan Stievermann
15.45Ingvar & Jakob Dahlbacka: The revelations of a ‘conversion narrative’: the case of Finnish revivalist leader Fredrik Gabriel Hedberg
16.15Kim Stefan Groop: Livingstone and Stanley – Two Transnational Folk Heroes and the Swedish and Finnish Foreign Mission
17.15Ingunn Folkestad Breistein: Media and the Mangs’ revival in Norway in the 1930s: How did the press refer from the revivals, and how did the revival leaders use media to spread their message?”
17.45Jakob Dahlbacka: The pietistic revival as a promotor of general education and democratization – the case of Anders Svedberg (1832–1889)
18.15General discussion
19.00Conference dinner 

rogramme  1 June

Moderator: Ruth Albrecht

9.00Péter Trechet: Italian-speaking Catholic Revival in Habsburg Trieste - A Case Study On Religious Identity and Imperial Loyalty, 1890-1914
9.30Jan Stievermann: American Evangelicalism and the Prussian Erweckungsbewegung, ca. 1800-1850
10.00Thomas Hahn-Bruckart: The evangelization of Germany as a transnational endeavor int he 1880s
Moderator: Thomas Hahn-Bruckart
11.15Ábrahám Kovács: Trying to comprehend the other Calvinist’s piety: The Thrill, Dismay and Fascination in the media caused by the Anglo-Saxon evangelistic preaching A.N. Sommerville’s
11.45Jan Carsten Schnurr: The International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne 1974 and its Impact on Global Evangelicalism
Moderator: Veronika Albrecht-Birkner
13.30Wolfgang Reinhardt: The local and international effects of the last revival in Wales (1904-05) – seen by German travel reports and journals
14.00Mirjam Hofman: The controversial career of Henri Jacques Couvée (1867-1946), or how the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905 marked the life of a Dutch Reformed minister
14.30Arjen Stellingwerf: When the Breaker calls. The revival of August 1881 in Weerdingermond

Moderator: Jakob Dahlbacka
15.15Jouko Talonen: International research into Laestadianism from 1975
15.45Anssi Ollilainen: The Laestadianism and the Sacraments: a Temporary Schism with Historical Roots
Moderator: Jan Carsten Schnurr
16.30Stefan Gelfgren: Revivalism and secularization: Why 19th century revivalism promoted the process of secularization
17.00Keynote III: Yan Suarsana, Inventing Global Revivalism: The Pentecostal Movement and Historiography
18.00Conclusion of the conference  - Moderator: Fred van Lieburg 

Saturday 2 June 2018 (Zeist)


Optional: excursion to museum Evangelische Broedergemeente Zeist


Intercity Amsterdam-Zuid – Driebergen/Zeist (38 minutes) + additional services of luggage transport


Free access.

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